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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Your Product Different to Others?
Our product is the first and only misfuel treatment system to offer complete success without the need to replace expensive parts. We use the highest concentration ensuring the highest quality product so you can be confident you’re choosing only the best when choosing Sysco HQ for your engine care.
What Do I Order if I’m Not Sure What to Use?
Unlike other suppliers we not only offer the product for sale we also have extensive expertise within the industry. We have been hands on developing every product and understand engines to a highly qualified level. This ensures that our customer service not only focuses on your experience as a buyer but you receive all of the technical advice you need to. Call us and we’ll quickly identify the product best suited to your needs.
How Does Your Product Lower My Fuel Bills?
Sysco HQ treatments remove upper cylinder deposits and clean valves and valve stems which prevents blockage of the injectors. The cleaning of the lambda sensor allows the electronic brain to “see” what is happening during combustion and so it makes the necessary adjustments to the fuel/air ratios which effect emissions, power delivery and economy of the vehicle. This in turn lowers your fuel bills dramatically.
My Engine is Running Fine after Misfuelling, Why Do I Need to Add Your Product?
An engine can run OK after misfuelling however moisture can cause corrosion while deposits left over will build until the engine is beyond repair. Using our product ensures you don’t have to pay for costly repairs due to misfuelling, now or in the future. It completely cleanses the engine and conditions the parts to give a better performance that will be significantly better than how your engine ran before the easy mistake of misfuelling was made.
Can You Ship to the USA?
We export to anywhere in the world. We export to anywhere in the world.
How Does Your Product Save My Company Money?
Sysco HQ misfuelling products are the only treatments to eliminate the need for repair or replacement parts after misfuelling. This has saved many industrial and commercial companies thousands of pounds while improving engine efficiency and reducing fuel bills too.
Does Your Product Have a High Success Rate?
Our product is the only treatment that can offer success.
Can You Cope with Large Orders?
We have been exporting large orders of our high quality products for years, it doesn’t matter how large the order we will always find the most effective way to ensure you receive our products quickly so your engines benefit instantly.
How Long Does it Take to Work
Our treatments start working as soon as you add them to the fuel tank.
How Does it Condition the Engine?
It flushes the entire system removing deposits, while cleaning the nozzles, injectors, valves, pistons, lambda sensors and catalytic converters.

Not only this but the removal of damaging moisture ensures optimum lubrication of all parts and prevents clogging and blocking.

Immediately the mechanisms of your engine will begin to work at their peak performance rate reducing emissions, vibrations and the rate of combustion so you enjoy a cleaner, greener engine.
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